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  1. How far are you booked out?

     During the spring and summer this can be as much as 2 weeks or more for some services.

    Tire changes, fork seals, chain/sprockets installs, oil changes etc all can be done typically within 24hours of when you call. And they all will be done on the appointment date and time. Sometimes you can ride in, wait and ride away-but most often you will ride in, find something to do elsewhere for a couple hours and come back and pick it up that same day.

    But tune up work and anything more involved, is generally going to be 48 hours or more.


    But yes, everything needs an appointment, nothing comes in without one, so DO NOT just show up and expect anything to be done or even to be able to leave the bike without setting up an appointment first..... even if some instances I can make an appointment for the same day. My space is limited, my time is valuable and I have tons of others bikes to work on as well.

  2. Do I have to have an appointment?

    Yes. Appointments keep the bikes here for less time and allow me to better manage my time and space.

     Send an email, get a date and time set up and then show up on time with your clean bike.

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  1. How long will it take to get my bike back?

    Depends on what is needed to fix it.  The length of time it takes to get parts.  If there are any addtional problems found. 

    But typically, tire changes, fork seals, oil changes are all done within a few hours of drop off and whenever possible they will be done while you wait, although some of these can take a few hours to complete, so it is recommended to go find something else to do and come back. It is very rare to not get back your bike from tires or fork seals etc the same day or atleast within 24 hours of drop off.

    Tune up work generally happens in 48 hours~~ for starters it takes atleast 8 hours for the engine to cool down for the valve adjustment, but often takes a 48-72 hour turn around and on occassion can take longer if parts need to be ordered, or the bike has some specialty need. But most tune-up work sans the major service tune will be turned around within 72 hours of drop off.

    Carburetor cleaning and a few other jobs typically are 3 days. As long as parts needs don't pose a problem. There are numerous "older" bikes that need full o-ring kits which can take a week to get here. 

    Some major work like engine rebuilds, transmission rebuilds, crash repair where the bike must be disassemblled to figure out what parts need to be ordered, then an estimate, availability check-parts cleaned and stored in an organized fashion-then sit and wait for parts then reassemble.....These are rarely less than 1 week and more often than not are 10-14 days.

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